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What a Lack of Tight Inclusivity Says About Ice Skating: NBC News Press

What a Lack of Tight Inclusivity Says About Ice Skating: NBC News Press

In November, ice skater Louisa Warwin created a viral TikTok about the lack of shade inclusivity in the tights required of figure skaters. Using the subsequent momentum of her video, Warwin has sparked a larger conversation about the homogeneity of the figure skating world. When asked about her decision to take to social media to highlight this disparity, Warwin told NBC News, “I’ve been going through this for over 20 years… At this point I was just so frustrated.”  These sentiments echo that of our founder, Erin Carpenter, who used her frustration about a lack of options as a catalyst to create a business that provides options for everyone.

 Tights are more than a requirement of dress, they must be flexible to ensure ease of movement for figure skaters, and warm enough to shield their skin from cold temperatures. Vendors that go to competitions and provide tights that fit that event's dress code requirements often don’t have shades that match deeper skin tones. As ice skating diversifies, hosiery created to cater to a white demographic must evolve with the times.

Photo Courtesy of Louisa Warwin

Fortunately, there are some brands dedicated to bridging this representational gap. NBC News writer Claretta Bellamy mentions Nude Barre as an industry trailblazer in this area, as our 12 hues of nude offer comprehensive options for many different fields and professions. At Nude Barre we believe no hu(e)man performing life should have to go without the necessary attire to take center stage.

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