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Nude Barre creates access and representation by providing bodywear that actually matches your skin tone.

We strive to make sure that all hu(e)mans feel seen and heard.

We believe that everybody deserves to find their perfect hue.

The diverse world we live in needs products that account for all skin tones and body types. Every hu(e)man deserves a choice. Our company is pioneering the change we want to see in retail by providing an unmatched level of choices, regardless of hue!

We believe in eliminating the “other.”

Gone are the days of “sun tan” and “beige” being the only options for nude. No one should have to dye or customize their hosiery and intimates. Through our 12 inclusive shades, we are committed to making undergarments that look good, feel good, and are the perfect hue for you!

Because we all deserve to be center stage.

Here at Nude Barre, we are on a mission to reclaim and revolutionize nude. We provide people who have been historically overlooked and underrepresented with resilient and comfortable bodywear that becomes one with your skin. Our 12 unique shades close the representational gap and elevate all hu(e)mans. Because if we don’t, who will?

What the press says about us.

"From seamless panties to boy shorts and fishnet stockings, Nude Barre is just about all you need in your top drawer."
By Jamila Stewart
"No need to settle for your local drugstore's cheap tights when Nude Barre has every flesh-tone shade imaginable."
By Nerisha Penrose
"Erin Carpenter, founder of Nude Barre, and her team are enhancing women’s confidence by making them feel comfortable in their own skin."
By Cheryl Robinson
"Former dancer Erin Carpenter used her frustration to create Nude Bar, a line of tights, bralettes and underwear that come in 13 shades."
By Good Housekeeping Editors
Good Housekeeping
"Carpenter went on to found Nude Barre … and won the first pitch competition hosted by The Bumble Fund and Serena Williams’s Serena Ventures."
By Annachiara Biondi

Our Team.

Nude Barre is built by a diverse team of passionate hu(e)mans who believe it’s time to redefine nude. If this sounds like a movement you want to get behind, check out ways to join our team here.