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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, black media giant TheGrio compiled a list of black-owned businesses to support during these trying times. Citing quarantine and fluctuating covid numbers as catalysts for minority owned business closures, TheGrio urges us all to #BuyBlack this holiday season. 

Complete with, “Stockings that actually match your beautiful melanin, no matter the shade,” Nude Barre was one of the beloved black-owned brands highlighted by TheGrio. Nude Barre also shared the spotlight with innovative lines such as: SkinBUTTR, Uncle Funky’s Daughter, and My Pride Apparel. With 12 shades of nude, and sizes ranging from small to 4x5x, Nude Barre is redefining barely there bodywear. It is important, now more than ever, to #BuyBlack and support businesses dedicated to facilitating inclusivity in the fashion and beauty sectors!

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