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Athleisure Essentials According to Forbes | Nude Barre

Athleisure Essentials According to Forbes | Nude Barre

This past June, Forbes Magazine released an article detailing 7 must-haves for men’s athleisure fashion. The list of essentials,  ranging from gym-worthy performance fabric to home workout gear, are, as contributor Sarah Boyd notes, perfect for everyday wear.

Featured amongst popular products such as,
Cut’s Black AO  Joggers and UnderGent’s Swagger Loungewear set, you’ll find our new No Show Socks. Between our 12 shade range and recent trends in men’s fashion, our no shows are the best way to finish any work or workout fit, or as Boyd so aptly mentions, cosplay your favorite The Bachelorette contestant.

Still not sold on our no shows? Click here to read the full article!

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