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What's All The Rage With Ravers This Summer? | Nude Barre

What's All The Rage With Ravers This Summer? | Nude Barre

A counter-culture on the rise, Rave fashion is evolving along with the growing popularity of the music experience. As different cultures, hues, and cliques dream up out of this world ensembles, raver style has evolved from the baby doll tops of the 90’s, to increasingly ornate, matching sets and sequined lingerie. A 2019 survey by Coachella found that women spent an average of $200-$400 on their festival looks, and with festival season fast approaching that number is bound to increase as fast as their Instagram followers… 

So, how can you level up your rave look without breaking the bank? We’ve got you covered with some must-have essentials to get you through the hottest festivals sizzling all summer long. 

Face Mask

Stay safe and stylish with this holographic face mask from Rave Wonderland. 


Bring the heat while beating the heat in Nude Barre’s signature fishnet tights made in your true hue. 

Hydration Pack

You may not be calm or collected, but you can keep it cool with a Vibedration hydration pack complete in a psychedelic print. 

Mesh Bralette

Be bold in a Nude Barre mesh bralette that subtly shows skin under chain link tops and sheer garments. 


Shine bright like a raver in iHeart Raves’ reflective gear in styles as unique as y(hue). 

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