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Time to Redefine Nude

Time to Redefine Nude

Color Transition Update, Learn about the new name changes for our products and more! 

For years I have been trying to find a nude that fits my skin tone. The term “nude” has been thrown around by companies for years, but historically it has only taken a narrow range of skin tones into account. The standardized forms of “nude”, “sun tan” and “beige,” excluded so many. Because the reality is, nude comes in a wide array of shades. Skin tells a story, and from the deepest browns to the fairest creams, we strive to provide our customers with inclusive products that embody all narratives. Myself and the Nude Barre team feel it's time to take the “other” out of nude products. Everybody deserves representation. Rather than name our products after desserts or trees, we want our products to reflect the times. Around the clock, we got your back with all the essentials, designed with you in mind!  We invite you to redefine, reimagine, and most importantly celebrate your nude with Nude Barre. 


Erin Carpenter, Founder & CEO

6pm -- Mocha
5pm -- Bohemian Princess
4pm -- Cocoa
3pm -- Tapioca Cream
2pm -- Caramel
1pm -- Almond
12pm -- Brown Sugar
11am -- Malt
10am -- Irish Cream
9am -- Peach Melody
8am -- Moonshine
7am -- Lycheetini


  • Posted by Renee on

    How do I pick the correct shade of brown from a chart?

  • Posted by Helen on

    Thank You!

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