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The Next Generation of Champions: Afrotech Press | Nude Barre

The Next Generation of Champions: Afrotech Press | Nude Barre

In a recent Afrotech article, writer Bernadette Giacomazzo, covers the whopping $111 million inaugural fund raised for Serena Williams’s investment company Serena Ventures. A recent press release announcement disclosed that the millions raised will be used to spread the wealth, helping finance start-up companies that look to trailblaze for diversity and inclusion. 

Of the 47 investments already on its roster, 27 early-age start-ups are diversity based, including your favorite bodywear company, Nude Barre. Committed to making a difference, Nude Barre fits right in with Serena Ventures’ strive toward diverse entrepreneurship and glass ceiling breaking. 23andMe CEO and Co- Founder Anne Wojcicki boasts, “Serena has built an exceptional team of diverse experts with branding expertise and strategic advice to help founders as they navigate building their companies. With unique backgrounds and experiences, Serena Ventures brings an incredible network — a network of which I am honored to be a part.” 

So, what’s next for Serena Ventures? It seems that the venture capital firm aims to recreate the success of companies like Nude Barre, in the hopes of facilitating access to the next generation of buyers and businesswomen. 

Click here to read the full Afrotech Press article.

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