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Do Thongs Cause Infections?

Do Thongs Cause Infections?

Thongs, a staple of lingerie since the rise of the thong bikini in the 1970’s, have coalesced the undetectable and the desirable for years. We know them, we love them, but do we understand them? No scientific studies have linked thongs to infections; however, many can cause itching, irritation, and discomfort. So how do you know which red flags to look out for when shopping for intimates? No need to fret, Nude Barre is here with some underwear do’s that will keep both you and your vagina happy and healthy!

Cotton Insert

A cotton insert will provide the breathability of cotton panties in the crotch area, while allowing wearers to diversify their fabric choices when choosing their perfect pair. 

Comfortable Fabric 

While intricate fabrics add flair to the thong market, lacy material can irritate the skin and aggravate razor bumps and rashes. Opt for a soothing blend of polyamide and elastane to prevent discomfort. 

Seamless Lining 

Seamless lining is essential for comfortable thong wear as seams dig into the skin and cause panty lines. For a barely-there look try seam-free thongs and bikini panties.

Your true hue!

Opt for your true hue when shopping for your new everyday thong for truly undetectable coverage and comfort! Nude Barre’s 12 shade range is unmatched at providing the most accurate color match on the market. 

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