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Color Education: Fair Shades

Color Education: Fair Shades

Do you have very fair skin?
Do you have trouble matching traditional beige shades because they are too dark for you?
You may be one of our early risers representing our 7 AM, 8 AM9 AM, and 10 AM shades. 

Let’s break it down...

Typically worn by our porcelain beauties, 7 AM is an off-white shade with slight pink and yellow undertones. If your skin is on par with Gwen Stefani, 7 AM is the shade for you.

Do you have more of a pale-pink shade with peach undertones? Then 8 AM is likely your true nude.

Well maybe your shade is 9 AM, representing hues of a true peach/pink color and brown tones.

Made for hu(e)mans with a beige skin tones 10 AM, represents hues with pink and olive undertones.

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