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SIDE BARRE Convos | Breaking Creative Walls & Social Norms

SIDE BARRE Convos | Breaking Creative Walls & Social Norms

We all have a special gift we can offer the world and cultivating that gift for good is a type of alchemy that artist Deun Ivory is no stranger to. Using her photography as her own form of “ministry,” Deun aims to celebrate the multi-faceted beauty of black women and cultivate a culture of self-love in her community. 

This past November our founder, Erin Carpenter, discussed how to break creative walls and social norms with Photographer, Artist, and Founder of the non-profit, The Body: A Home for Love, Deun Ivory. Citing her own experiences with adversity as a catalyst for her initiatives for black women, Ivory enforces that trauma does not constitute her identity, and knowing that truth allows her to stay present both creatively and intellectually. 

Watch this uplifting SIDE BARRE Conversation here and follow us on Instagram to join the conversation and witness more beautiful discussions. 

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