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Be An Ally Beyond Black History Month: Oprah Daily Press

Be An Ally Beyond Black History Month: Oprah Daily Press

 Black History Month is known to yield momentary traffic surges for many black-owned businesses, but who is supporting these entrepreneurs year-round? In an Oprah Daily article, writer Mckenzie Jean-Phillipe stresses the importance of supporting the black community’s art, media, small businesses, and burgeoning fashion stars beyond February impulse buys. Boasting a list of 82 black-owned clothing brands, Phillipe aims to show readers the onslaught of black talent that should be celebrated any time of year.

Oprah Daily’s list features the upper echelon of black-owned, some even vetted by O’s Fashion Market and accessories director Robin Nazarro. You can find Nude Barre featured next to tastemakers, Christopher John Rogers (worn by Kamala Harris at the 2021 Inauguration), Laquan Smith, and Off-White. Like those brands we offer luxe quality that never fails, while staying true to our mission of facilitating accessibility. Described by Phillipe as a “wallet friendly brand,” we are out to prove that finding your true hue doesn’t have to break the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Fall in love with our 12 shades of nude, and high-performance bodywear all year long!

Click here for Oprah Daily’s List of Black-Owned Businesses. 

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