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pancaking ballet shoes to match the dancer's skin-tone

What is Pancaking?

“Pancake,” is a term that refers to the thick base of make-up exclusively used by performers for the stage. Historically, dancers have used pancake to match their shoes or elements of their costume to their skin color. Now, dancers often use a liquid foundation or calamine lotion to achieve a sea...
How to Pull Off This TikTok Fashion Trend

How to Pull Off This TikTok Fashion Trend

Quarantine is almost over and it's time to spice up those outfits from 2019 with your new secret weapon. Fishnet tights. Fishnet tights are both classic 80s vibes and also so Beyonce Homecoming at Coachella.  They help your outfits feel edgy and fresh. You may have noticed TikTok stars, Insta...
What Are Convertible Tights?

What Are Convertible Tights?

People often ask: what is a convertible tight? Convertible tights are tights that are able to transition from a footed tight to footless. It is mostly used by dancers to transition from dancing in a shoe to bare foot. So how do you transition your convertible tights from footed to footless?