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For each order referred through the Nude Barre Affiliate program, receive a 25% commission.


You post your amazing content, and include the custom link you receive from us, then get 25% of all purchases made through your custom link. It's that simple!




A little about us:

  • We are intimates and bodywear brand, formed in 2009.
  • We offer the most inclusive array of hosiery products, made in every human skin tone and sized at up to 5XL (350lbs and heights of 6'3").
  • Our business is female led and black owned - Erin started Nude Barre specifically to address rampant colorism in the dance industry, and the complete lack of actual human skin tone tights and bodywear for performers that are people of color. 




You are the right fit if:

  • You are committed to making/publishing content that is inclusive of all hu(e)mans, regardless of age, gender, or race
  • You've got a passion for life, and are actively showing the world your talents, whether it's writing articles or making dance videos. 
  • You post regularly on your platform of choice, and have followers that are happy to engage with your content.
  • You're dedicated to providing your viewers products that are high quality and genuinely useful to customers. 

 Find all terms, conditions, and full affiliate agreement details here.




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