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How to Organize Your Lingerie Drawer in 5 Steps

The start of organizing your lingerie as art can be a very trying process when your lingerie is a tangle messed to begin with. I’ve managed to put together some cost effective and creative do it yourself projects to tackle your lingerie organization in five simple steps.

Step One Inventory Check

Try on every piece of lingerie and make sure it all fits still.

Step Two Clean and Dust

Clean out your “place of purpose” of where you are keeping your lingerie.

Step Three Pair

Match the pairs together and pin the sets together so that they won’t get lost or misplaced. Usually stringing the leg through the underband straps keep them together.

Step Four Coordinate

You can organize your drawers by mood color or by use. For an example; all of your shape-wear, sports bra and everyday or special occasion panties.

Step Five Insert

Insert cardboard, small shoe-boxes, small containers into your drawers to create sections for your panties.

How do you organize your lingerie sanctuary?

Four Panties, Four Booty Types

With a variety of lingerie styles and the amount of lingerie stores women can purchase lingerie from, dressing for our booties isn’t always a relaxed and engaging task to engage in or complete. In addition to, shopping for the bum is an overlooked conversation that isn’t discussed quite enough in fashion. I remember the first time I tried on a pair of thongs and boy was the experience quite freeing and also awkward. I’m a round or bubble bum and the panty style I find that compliments me the most is the thong, as my shape doesn’t become affected by the lack of coverage. Especially considering the bikini and regular brief style, and the risk it runs of splitting and creating unnatural lines. After my quick research throughout the internet I couldn’t quite find a source of the four most common booty types and a panty that best compliment them so I have decided to list them here.



Just as women come in various shapes and sizes, our booties do to. The four common booty types are V shape, H shape, A shape, and U shape. The round bum looks like a bubble, u-shaped and is full in appearance. The inverted bum looks like a v-shaped has fullness at the hips and at the top of your booty. The square bum is flat, h-shaped with equal size at the hips and the waist. The heart or pear bum resembles an a-shaped or a heart – slim at the top and flares out at the bottom.

The type of panty that is the most flattering for each sized bum are as follows; to being with, a round bum or bubble booty is a thong. For the inverted or V shape, for a fullness consistent shape bum, a panty with ruching at the bottom well suits this style. For the square shape, boy shorts, will create an illusion of roundness. For the heart shaped is a bikini panty to create a balance in shape.

Which panties do you find work best for your booty type?

3 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Bra

It is advised to change your bra after 6 to 12 months or at any sign of deconstruction. Especially if you’re very naughty and machine wash your best kept secrets. However, there is a blurry line of when a bra is considering unusable versus a few tips and tricks to reconstruct your bra to life. Here’s a few tips on getting the most out of your bra life.

Tip Number One: Size matters

Having the right sized bra is a good start – wearing a bra which is too tight in the band or small in the cup will obviously cause unnecessary stress to fabrics and stitching. Not a good look, plus it makes your boobs unhappy. So don’t do it.

Tip Number Two: Bra Care

1x1.trans How to extend the life of your bra, and signs that it needs to be binned Invest In Your Chest

Reading the label on your bra is extremely important. Following the signs of how to properly take care of the fabric, finishing, details and trims will add to the life of your bra. Oppose to mistreating your best kept secrets.

Tip Number Three: Bra Storage

1x1.trans How to extend the life of your bra, and signs that it needs to be binned Invest In Your Chest

Bra storage is very important on the longevity of your bras. This lessens the chance for it to snag on something, or become damaged. Therefore allocating an appropriate place per bra category will help ensure the life of the bra is spanned for two years or more.

What’s the longest you’ve had a bra for?