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“I have been working since I was a kid between modeling jobs and starting my own successful lemonade stand. I have been an entrepreneur launching companies since I was 19. The question of, “how did you get started?”, “when did you do it all?” and basically, “what’s the timeline?” are always of the top 3 things I’m asked. They are all good questions and I love curiosity, but I won’t keep you guessing since you’re here!” – Lauren Maillian, a former model turned serial entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing and advisory company... We are pleased to feature this entrepreneur maven for our Women Highlight Wednesday

Lauren Maillian, a former model turned serial entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing and advisory company, is a Founding Partner at Gen Y Capital Partners, an early stage venture firm focused on investments in mobile and consumer facing technology enabled companies and is the author of the bestselling business memoir, The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms.

At 19, Lauren cofounded a boutique winery that quickly became an internationally recognized award-winning wine brand, making her the youngest self-made winery owner in the country. She served as the Chief Operating Officer of the company from inception through the brand’s acquisition in 2011.

Lauren’s passionate about marrying marketing, branding, strategy and technology. She is known to spearhead the development of communication concepts to help others build, inspire, engage and connect. Lauren is a marketer at heart, who loves to build brands and devise business development strategies with a concentration on the creation and implementation of innovative yet strategic plans that build brand identity and increase revenue.

Lauren has a global perspective and a fresh, yet entrepreneurial, approach to implementation. She is excited by innovative and unique concepts, and has been known to seize rare opportunities and turn them into iconic experiences.

When it comes to being a woman working in industries that are primarily male, it’s all about results and impact on the bottom line. No one gets to keep their place if they aren’t pulling their weight. I try not to look at it as a gender competitive landscape as much as I do a multi-faceted learning experience that has shown me how to adapt and “know my audience” (more on that in my book).

I really believe in work-life integration (it has an entire chapter in my book) because there is no way to balance it all. It is all hard and purposeful work that I value and enjoy, and my happiness and success barometer relies on the interdependence of every facet of my life. I am also very transparent about who I am and what my priorities are – that may mean telling a company I’m advising or a client that I’m unavailable at a certain time because I have one of my children’s milestone moments on my calendar, conversely it may mean having to work longer hours than I would like to when I’d rather be spending leisure with my children. I am honest with myself about what my non-negotiables are and I do not allow myself to break those. Ultimately, knowing that I inspire my children and that I am their role model and inspiration (according to them!) makes it all worth it.

Great advice Lauren Maillian read more of her story and advice here. Reported from Forbes.com, Oxygen.com, and LaurenMaillian.com

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