Women Complications and Traveling

Women who need to fly during their pregnancy, be it for work related reasons or simply for leisure, usually try to get their obstetrician’s approval before they take to the skies. The main worries for this are the possible risks of early labor or other serious emergencies that could develop during a flight…

It is for those reasons that many major airlines will not permit women that are 36 weeks pregnant to fly because there would not be adequate care or facilities available in flight to handle preterm labor or other possible complications of a pregnancy.Unfortunately most airlines do not do enough to increase public awareness by actively promoting or openly recommending prevention on possible complications of women who fly and are child bearing.

One exception (out of many we could have missed), is the German airline Lufthansa, which recommends that people in special risk groups such as expecting women wear compression stockings during flights.  After much more research this topic isn’t quite advocated or promoted. Women are a forgotten topic many times.

We’ve gathered a quick tip to prevent deep vein thrombosis – another possible complication of long flights while being preggers. Out of many others.

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Tennis Star Kirsten Flipkens Recovering from Blood Clots After A Flight

Did you know wearing compression stockings during long distance flights as a measure to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis?


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