What Will Vacation Be Like in 100 Years?

As a small business owner taking off for vacation is very much needed but also can be super stressful when trying to find the time.  As most of you know I just had the wonderful experience of becoming married. With real life normal success and success with the Nude Barre brand I often wear many hats.


This trip, the Barbados Vaca Diary, was especially important because it was our first trip away together as husband and wife, the honeymoon. I owed it to both of us to unplug. But quite honestly this is soooo hard when most people in your company report directly to you. This was my first trip not bringing my computer. This was a big step for me.

This leads to the topic of technology and vacationing as a real life entrepreneur. The rapid rate of advancement of technology frightens me with the notion of unplugging. Mobility and accessibility are sky rocketing in the work force leaving little room for me time. As a helpful source, I’ve found 3 tips to help you unplug from INC online blog click here. In the meanwhile, read our round-up.

1) Mark little blocks with no action: Give yourself a break–going from 16-hour days to no hours a day is ridiculous. It’s even harder for entrepreneurs since we often love our work. Instead, allow yourself chunks of vacation, like a half-hour or an hour in the morning where you will do absolutely nothing. The next day, double the amount of time you’ll be in vacation mode.

2) Get work out of your system: Have an email you’ll keep thinking about until you send it? Stop “relaxing,” pull out your laptop and send it. You can call it an entrepreneur’s meditation: Sometimes acknowledging and allowing yourself to think or feel something is the best way to let it go. Be fully present when you dive into your 15 minutes of work, then allow yourself to be fully present when you dive back into vacation.

3) Assume you have everything you need: If you were supposed to be working, you wouldn’t be in a relaxed environment with a pina colada/mojito/cold beverage in your hand. Trust your own judgment on why you aren’t in the proverbial office.

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