What’s Your Mood?

Does Your Underwear Affect Your Mood? How and why women wear certain undergarments depending on their attitude and confidence.

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Underwear is an everyday necessity and is something women constantly need to buy. A little-known fact about your underwear is that it can affect your mood, confidence, and your entire style. It is the secret language beneath your clothes. Your undergarments whisper to you, while radiating your confidence to those around you”. Each pair of underwear you put on helps identify how you view yourself and this directly affects the way you are perceived in your outer clothes.

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Factors that influence our choice in underwear are determined by our way of thinking, our up bringing, taste and status. That is a lot to ask of such a small piece of fabric, however women should use this power to our advantage.

What’s her secret today? Could it be the bare camouflage panties she wears that will never be seen? The majority of women buy “neutral colored undies that simply work for them to wear under anything, lifting a worry off of their shoulders.”

Underwear can say what your outerwear can’t say, and your attitude will speak for itself.

In all the busy cities, we see women who have to wear the typical suit, uniform, sweat pants, and so forth who can not express themselves. You can express yourself and be who you want to be as an individual with your underwear!

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Women, who are constantly on the go, can feel uncomfortable if the proper underwear isn’t worn. For example, wearing a thong with skinny jeans is a huge discomfort. Consider seamless panties, or cheeky underwear.

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A lot of women have complaints about how their underwear fits. The struggle is real ladies. The typical problem is that underwear does not lay flat under their clothes, or there is not enough coverage on the buttocks. Obviously the ill-fitting underwear is enough to put any woman in a bad mood.

As Women, we all have the maximum freedom to chose how we want to look and feel underneath. Underwear is not just a personal comfort decision, it allows a woman to express her individual identity. We ask women of all walks of life, is it thongs, bikinis, high-cut panties, or the new cheeky underwear that makes you feel sexy? Or do your undies make you feel boring and dull, generic and simply suitable for every day use?

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The colors you wear can immensely affect your mood. You can begin each day by setting the tone with your undies.

Do you need a boost of energy while stimulating your immune system? Red is the color for you.

Do you need help digesting your emotions, creating balance and an extra boost of optimism? Orange undies will help you will that.

Or, do you want some tranquility and peace today? Put on a pair of blues and walk through the park.

Do you need an encouragement for growth in all aspects of your life? Green undies will refresh you.

Yellow can also lift your spirits and give you positive feelings when you are feeling overwhelmed and negative energy is creeping in on you. Yellow will give you confidence and joy.


G-strings make woman more confident about displaying their body. Any woman can wear a G-string and will without a doubt make you feel more spontaneous.

If G-strings are too much for you, bikini style underwear is suggested. Not only are they super comfy, but can still be sexy and cute.

The material of your underwear can also affect your comfort and mood. While satin and silks might be glamorous, cotton underwear is the best for you health wise, but is also a sign that a woman is comfortable around a man and can walk around without any makeup on and still feel beautiful. Your special underwear is determined by the feelings and sensations it produces for YOUR individual body. Not what is being promoted in the media.

With that said, whether you are a mother, an athlete, a businesswoman, or retirees remember this: Underwear can say what your outerwear can’t say, and your attitude will speak for itself. What’s your mood?


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