Trick or Treat? – Halloween Costume Tips

October is officially here so you know what means – Halloween!

Every year adults try to live out their youth and dress up in costumes or as celebrity look- a-likes in light of Halloween festivities.  With only a few weeks left until the 31st we wanted to give you a few tips for achieving the best Halloween costume.

  1. Be Different

Anyone can put on a hooker dress, sexy French maid uniform, or every other variation of sexy whatever — B O R I N G. The point of Halloween is to transform into something outside of your usual self, not your every weekend self, so why not go the distance and think outside the box

oct 31 unique 2  oct 31 unique

  1. Don’t Break Your Bank

As you’re searching online for an outfit to win that best costume award for the party you are planning to attend, pump your breaks. The best things in life are free. This is the best time to raid your parent’s closet or go through those old clothes in that random bin in your closet.  If that doesn’t work you can always try your local thrift or second hand store. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and those stores are full of little unconventional treasures you won’t find otherwise. But if second hand anything creeps you out EBay will always be your saving grace.

oct 31 cheap oct 31 cheap 2 oct 31 unique 3

  1. Accessories Will Make Or Break You

Just like in fashion, being fashionable or trendy is one thing but having style is a whole different ball game. Talk to any fashionista and they will tell you, one of the biggest rules to being stylish — Thou Shall Accessorize. Well friends the same rules apply to any great costume. What’s Zorro without a mask, sword, and a rose? Oh, you want to be a pirate? Well make sure to grab an eye patch and a peg leg, and if you really want to go the distance get the talking parrot too (I’m sure it’s on EBay).

oct 31 accessories oct 31 accessories 3oct 31 accessories 2

Like I said before, Halloween is great time to relive those childhood moments and just have fun being someone else for one night. So when you’re brainstorming and searching for that signature costume remember these tips and most of all don’t hate, participate.

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