Spring Cleaning and Lingerie Hacks

Steps to Spring Clean Your Lingerie Wardrobe. The sun is shining and Spring has sprung…


“Organize by color, size, and type,” Rapke says. “Make sure to rotate your bras and underwear so you’re not wearing the same few all of the time.” For a luxe touch, Charlton adds, “I line drawers in silk and sometimes do sachet-lined drawers.” via Who What Wear

Fold it Well

Streamline shelves by placing all bras in the same direction, with the neat cups facing out. Keep stacks to a reasonable size: For bulky bras, limit your piles to four each to prevent an avalanche. For silky lingerie hang up neatly.

Categorize the Chic Way

Put similar-size bras, panties and hosiery together for a tidy effect (panties in one and bras in another). Affix labels ($4, containerstore.com) underneath each grouping to quickly find what’s needed on shelves or in containers. via In Style

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