Packing Smart and Saving Space


How to pack better with Nude Barre old hosiery

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How many of you find it challenging to pack efficiently? Meaning, packing with enough grace to bring everything you want without paying the extra baggage fees or frantically worrying if you forgot something that was totally imperative for your favorite outfits? If this sounds like you, recycled hosiery is the answer! Fit more in your suitcase by utilizing the holes in the hosiery legs as a holder. Use the waist in the hosiery as elastic and create a new line of storage on the folding flap of your suitcase and store your toiletries. If you have more hosiery to spare, store each of your liquids and lotions with a piece of hosiery cut up into a hair bow and tie them down. Hope this helps! Let us know what was useful.

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