Nude Moments Recap

#NudeMoments was created to empower women. As women we tend to wear so many hats. In which often, we hide or hold in our challenges. Therefore, our team wanted to create an open positive space to uplift women and share stories that will inspire others to uplift.

This past Thursday, on March 24th from 6pm to 9pm at the #Claimit office space Nude Barre asked women to share their Nude Moments at our event partnered with editors, Remy Martin V NB exclusive cocktails, appetizer burgers provided by Harlem Shake, dazzling and crystallized cupcakes provided by Mini Treat Bakery at the Claim It! space in New York City. A Nude Moment is a time in your life where you felt vulnerable but you had to make a bold choice.

For example, maybe this is a time where you felt that you deserved a raise but it was given to your male counterpart. You stepped up to tell your boss why you should have receive the raise, based on raw data and after pleading your case — you received it. But, why should you have to plead your case to begin with especially if raw data/facts support you were the better fit? Or you started your own business even though people said it would be too hard?! We wanted courageous, resilient, and diligent women to join us for #NudeMoments.

And we ended up with just that.

Upon walking into the office space there was light music, conversation, and fashionista/o’s sipping cocktails or champagne, eating cupcakes and or hamburgers with bright smiles. In one room was the socializing and friend building, the next was color matching skin tones to Nude Barre shades, upstairs was the networking and 60 second speech exchanging, and last on the rooftop was the instagram picture or snapchat video taking. The night was full and the night was young. Shortly, after you settled in Hello Beautiful, Nude Barre, CODE of NYC facilitated an up close and personal panel of women from all different backgrounds. One woman, shared a loved one very close to her hatched a plan to kill her and this very night was the first night she openly shared her story. Another woman, shared after she boldly made the decision to intern for a big corporation with no pay for 6 months. Everyday she walked into the office walking off the elevator with a big smile and bright attitude on her face — accepting the idea that this was her stepping stone. Today, she owns a publicist brand in NYC housing reputable clients. Out of many other wonderful stories.

The positive take away is that women are so resilient. We are all working through daily challenges but we work hard to continue fighting but with grace.

Says Erin founder of Nude Barre.

#NudeMoments is in the progress of being an ongoing event with other media outlets. Check out other write-ups and galleries here below.

Nude Barre Gallery

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Nude Barre Sends a Warm Thanks to:

Presented By: Nude Barre
Powered By: Hello Beautiful
Curated By: CODE of NYC
Cocktails Courtesy of: Rémy Martin V
Food By: Harlem Shake
Desserts By: Mini Treat Bakery
Sponsored By: Claim It App

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