Monday, We Made It

Let’s be honest, Monday’s are Monday’s. Whether you are a solo business owner, student, wife, daughter, sister, husband, uncle or mentor or mentee, or a member of a large or small corporation, there can be a mental drain of preparing for Monday. Especially after a long weekend or if you have a lot of responsibilities starting your week can be dreadful and the agony of starting your week can be pressure enough to knock you off your week.

After asking around “What are some ways you handle your Monday blues?” We’ve gathered three tips that may just get you started on handling your Monday like a pro.

Indulge in Inspiration

Allow yourself the guilty pleasure of indulging in a little inspirational reading to give yourself a mental boost.

Make a Grateful List

Your Monday list of responsibilities and to-do’s can get overwhelming quickly, so take a few minutes to write down at least eight things for which you are grateful. Even if they are the same each week.

Start a Routine

One of the best ways to get your day started is to have a disciplined morning routine. This does not mean getting up and checking email or immediately engaging in work, but rather finding activities you look forward to doing, such as taking a walk, making an exceptional cup of Tapioca Pudding or indulging in your favorite magazine for a few minutes. It requires starting your morning a little earlier, but the extra minutes will ease you into your day.

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