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You ever noticed every time you put something off. You work twice as hard when you finally get to it. Often times I find on the weekends, (and maybe I’m conditioned) that I’m the least productive and during the owl hours I’m the most productive.To offset my odd balance I am also a full time student and entrepreneur with several businesses — most I travel, most I plan and most I create. Being the Internet geek that I am one lucky pinning evening on Pinterest I stumbled across Studio Mereo freelance schedule. I hope to only inspire you to find new tips and tricks to manage your schedule a bit better.



Monday morning. Your brain is running at a glacial pace, waiting for the coffee to kick in (like NOW), and slightly depressed that the weekend is over. Take a few hours to look at pretty pictures, browse a few design blogs or magazines, and read up on anything that inspires you. You’re a creative professional, getting inspired is your life source.



Yay, accounting! If you don’t have an accountant this will be one of your responsibilities as a freelancer. It may not be your strong suit (most creative people have a hard time in this area), but it’s important. Take the time to do a bit of research. If you’re just getting started, create an invoice template or lay out a budget for yourself. Set up a spreadsheet that will auto-calculate your estimated tax payments (Total Earned x Your Tax Bracket% = What you owe uncle Sam). Figure out what your hourly/fixed rates should be if you’re unsure whether you’re charging too much or not enough. Use this day to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Freelance is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of responsibility.



On Wednesdays we get social. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger…and so on. In reality you should be posting something on at least one of your social outlets every other day, but when you’re busy that can be hard to do. I’m also an avid preacher of ‘Quality over Quantity”. If I have nothing of value to post, I don’t post at all. However, not being active means missed opportunities to connect with future clients, new friends, and customers. That’s why I think it’s smart to set aside time on Wednesday to brainstorm blog ideas, share recent news/projects on Facebook or Twitter, & engage + reply to followers. Let your clients get to know you, your process, and your life.



When you first start out as a freelancer, odds are you won’t have clients knocking at your door, cash in hand. You’ll have to go out and find them yourself or spend time and money marketing your services. I don’t recommend spending money on marketing in the beginning—especially if you’re strapped for cash. There are so many free ways to market your services these days.



Chances are you’ve made a complete mess by Friday. The week can get crazy and it’s ok if you can’t make time for organization Mon-Thurs. That’s what today is for!  Now, in order to avoid the crazy unorganized mess throughout the week I suggest you invest in a “to file” bin. It will change your life. That way when Friday comes along, you can just pull out your super organized binders  and sort out your “to file” bin one paper at a time. You should be filing things like paper receipts, contracts, invoices, and tax documents. When it comes to computer folders delete everything on your desktop that does not ideally live inside of an important folder. I promise you, if you neglect to do this for weeks on end, finding that PSD (that your client wants you to edit) will be nearly impossible. Also if you work from home like I do, your friends will stop coming to your apartment. So there’s that

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