Meet Shakira Lewis NB Brand Ambassador

Meet our new brand ambassador Shakira Lewis. Get to know her here

My name is Shakira Lewis and I am the sole designer of the custom women’s wear line Kira Nacole based in Brooklyn, NY. If I was not a custom designer my second favorite career choice would be to become a forensic scientist. My Nude Barre shade is Bohemian Princess. Bohemian Princess can be compared to these products from my full face routine of makeup everyday. My everyday face make up favorites are I wear Milani 2-in-1 foundation in Chestnut mixed with a little Makeup Forever HD in number 47. I would need my NYX brow pencil in dark brown and a NYX dark matte lipstick preferably from the Lipstick Suede Collection. I MUST have on hand my MAC Gold Deposit highlighter and to top off the look a really good liquid eyeliner (I usually go for the Wet and Wild brand).  To close out our profile highlight of Shakira, we asked her for one advice she would give to a younger version of herself. Be consistent and only worry about yourself”. I think we as designers get too caught up in what others are doing most of the time and not solely working on what we can do best. Perfect what you’re good at and stop trying to compete with others in your category. People will always acknowledge you for the great work you put forth. 

Shakira we admire you and look forward to your post. Hope you love your NB gear! Discover your nude with more of our brand ambassadors here.

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