Meet Moe Diva NB Brand Ambassador

Meet our new brand ambassador Moe Diva. Get to know her here

My name is Moe Diva. A social media content creator & sharer.  My passion is sharing my look and style from hair to toe with my supporters online.  I’m also an #austimmom and love how my platform has allowed me to meet and relate to many other strong women blazing a trail in the world & creating their own unique and individual path!  A fun fact about me is. I’ve lived a few lives in my short 30 something years on this planet from a phone sex operator to a bail bonds (wo)man! My Nude Barre shade group is Deep. An “everyday” face for me would consist of my go to foundation L’Oreal True Match C8.  Which, gives me natural coverage and doesn’t make my skin too oily or too dry.  It’s perfect year round! To close out our profile highlight of Moe, we asked her for one advice she would give to a younger version of herself.  Moe’s advice is “The journey will be your own, don’t worry about what “they” are doing!”

Moe Diva we admire you and look forward to your post. Hope you love your NB Deep shade gear! Discover your nude with more of our brand ambassadors here.



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