Meet Erin Jones NB Brand Ambassador

Meet our new brand ambassador Erin Jones. Get to know her here

My name is Erin Jones. I’m a senior designer for children’s clothing by day and fashion blogger by night! I love to travel and style looks. I always knew I wanted to become a fashion designer since I was 6 years old. A fun fact about me is. I love ice cream and sci-fi – lots of laughs! My Nude Barre shade is in the fair shade group. An “everyday” face for me would consist of the make up I swear by would be  “Better Than Sex” mascara by Too Faced. I honestly don’t need any other eye make up because this mascara is the truth! Makes my lashes appear to be fuller and longer. To close out our profile highlight of Erin J., we asked her for one advice she would give to a younger version of herself.  Erin J.’s advice is “be patient everything happens when it is meant to! Everyone has their own path.”

Erin J. we admire you and look forward to your post. Hope you love your  NB fair shade gear! Discover your nude with more of our brand ambassadors here.

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