Meet Daphne Lee NB Brand Ambassador

Meet our new brand ambassador Daphne Lee. Get to know her here

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Photo by Ziggy Mack

My name is Daphne Lee. I’m a professional ballet dancer with Collage Dance Collective in Memphis, TN.  A fun fact about me is I am the currently reigning Miss Black New Jersey USA 2017. My Nude Barre shade is Tapioca Cream. An “everyday” face for me would consist of foundation when dancing is Lancôme 460 Shade 24 hour hold with Caramel concealer. Regular day make up is  Shea Moisture Hazel foundation.

To close out our profile highlight of Daphne, we asked her for one advice she would give to a younger version of herself.  Daphne’s advice is “Stop worrying about the future. It’s already written. Don’t lose faith, and know nothing is impossible. Rejection means redirection.”

Daphne we admire you and look forward to your post. Hope you love your Tapioca Cream NB gear! Discover your nude with more of our brand ambassadors here.



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