How to Organize Your Lingerie Drawer in 5 Steps

The start of organizing your lingerie as art can be a very trying process when your lingerie is a tangle messed to begin with. I’ve managed to put together some cost effective and creative do it yourself projects to tackle your lingerie organization in five simple steps.

Step One Inventory Check

Try on every piece of lingerie and make sure it all fits still.

Step Two Clean and Dust

Clean out your “place of purpose” of where you are keeping your lingerie.

Step Three Pair

Match the pairs together and pin the sets together so that they won’t get lost or misplaced. Usually stringing the leg through the underband straps keep them together.

Step Four Coordinate

You can organize your drawers by mood color or by use. For an example; all of your shape-wear, sports bra and everyday or special occasion panties.

Step Five Insert

Insert cardboard, small shoe-boxes, small containers into your drawers to create sections for your panties.

How do you organize your lingerie sanctuary?

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