Busy Running Your Own Business Reading List

If you’re busy running your own business — or laying the groundwork to launch a startup — it’s impossible to find the time to read the bevy of books published each year on business and leadership. But choosing the right titles is important to gaining those valuable insights that could translate into success…

1.Ask” by Ryan Levesque On Amazon

“This book is simple in that it lays out exactly why consumer research groups don’t work, [as well as] the why and how to ask our clients what they want from us. In section two, [Levesque] lays out the process in somewhat technical terms, but he is essentially giving us what is missing in so many books: actionable steps we can take to reproduce his success.” — Michele Jennae, owner, Perpetual Career Management.

2. “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert On Amazon

“[Big Magic] teaches that we’ve all got creativity inside of us, but you have to work at uncovering it. And once you do – and start expressing it ─ that’s when you’re going to be the happiest in life. In short, go do the things you enjoy, for no reason other than you enjoy doing them. This book is valuable … because it helps to open your eyes on what really matters in life and how important it is to overcome your fears, as well as [demonstrate] new ways to release your own inner creativity and start getting things done. Plus, [Gilbert is] a funny writer that makes it an easy read.” — Travis Bennett, managing director of Studio Digita.

3. “Content Inc.” by Joe Pulizzi On Amazon

“[Content Inc.] actually charts the course of why content marketing is not new. In doing so, Pulizzi ties in stories about how companies, decades ago, put the production of valuable content above interruptive advertising, and why they are rolling in the success as a result. Customers are better than ever at cutting through the advertising nonsense, and there’s no better way to build brand trust and loyalty than through providing content that customers – and potential customers – can use to improve some part of their lives. ‘Content Inc.,’ for me, paints that picture better than any book before it.” — Cameron Conaway, content marketing manager, Flow

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