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This past week our founder Erin Carpenter had the pleasure of visiting South Africa. Erin has compiled a blog about her experience below take a read and view her trip…

I’ve been super excited to go on this trip to South Africa. 1) for much needed relaxation 2) to spend some quiet time with my hubby 3) I love traveling and learning about new places, their culture and what makes their economy tick.I was able to relax but not as much as I hoped…

We had a two shipments coming from the Nude Barre factory in China. One of the shipments was delayed due to a storm in Japan so I was working with my team to work out logistics. Eventually that all sorted it self out and I was able to spend time enjoying the beauty of Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

One of my favorite things about this trip was being away from the internet most of my day. This allowed me to truly enjoy the museums that we toured and be fully engaged with all that was around us

…am I on track with my 10 year plan, am I making enough money & etc…

This extra silence also allowed me to spend time reflecting and thinking. Reflecting in how blessed I am. Thinking about my goals. As an entrepreneur and a women in general it’s so hard to not compare yourself to others (am I on track with my 10 year plan, am I making enough money etc) and being pulled out of that environment allows to step back and simply be grateful.

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