Behind the Brand Nude Barre Expansion

A lot of small businesses think they aren’t ready enough to expand their precious babies ‘businesses’ because they are afraid of the unknown. Very recently Nude Barre has had the lovely opportunity to expand into a fulfillment center with packaging services…

Our founder Erin Carpenter wears many roles. Very recently, she was caught in the act (post surgery – and all) stepping forward into the wonders of a fulfillment center. A fullfilment center is a packing warehouse that ships goods for businesses. They fulfill and ship orders.


This is a pivotal chapter for Nude Barre because it will allow us more time for focus on developing new products, brand development, and selling.

Says Erin, after we ask her what’s her key to balance ? Nude Barre has been devoting a lot of time to staying consistent and engage with our consumer, as well as captivate new customers. Erin says she tries to have a cut off time for work (doesn’t always happen). But it helps her make time for friends and family. Erin believes staying organized digitally (spreadsheets etc). to physically (#Nudemoment events to Buyers Relation etc). Erin also believes that human error will happen in business. The goal is to be ready to deal with it patiently — including being empathetic and apologetic to customers even if they are rude to you.

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