Barbados Fish-fry

What I love about Barbados most is that the locals and the tourists seem to co-exist seamlessly. Friday’s there’s fish fry. Locals and tourists all attend this. It’s pretty incredible. The food is delicious. There’s music a ton of dancing, and Bajan beer. At one point we all ended up up doing the wobble and cha cha slide in the road .


I travel a lot and never see tourist and locals enjoying life together without there being some hustle involved.Of course the seafood in Barbados is top notch. But apparently barracuda is hard to come by on the island.

We were lucky enough to see this on the menu one night out and it was fantastic. But of course we had to stop by the glamorous “the clif” restaurant. This place came highly recommended. But is the most expensive restaurant on the island. It is stunning though. Definitely one of our best nights out. Truly magnificent.




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