Atla and Nude Barre “Takeova Dreamz”

AtLA is a collective endeavor of Kiki Ely Medor, Sakinah LeStage and a coalition of the top INDUSTRY CHOREOGRAPHERS to provide the opportunity to pre-professional and professional dancers a chance to study and train in order TAKEOVA THEIR DREAMZ. The coalition has been able to dance & perform all over television, in films with various performance experiences. AtLA’s vision is to share this opportunity with other aspiring dancers, choreographers, & artists to the world, on stage, on Artist, and incredible that want to pursue their dreams in the professional entertainment industry…

We aspire to make the impossible possible for all the young hungry talent with passion and dedication. Now AtLA is bringing the AtLA experience to cities nationally and internationally, teaching and sharing our own individual talents with others all over the world. Dance is our passion, our craft and we want to help others with their passion and craft to TAKEOVA THEIR DREAMZ.

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Nude Barre is a specialty line of eco friendly undergarments made in 16 shades of nude to match all skin tones. Durable enough for active women and stylish enough for everyday fashion. These high quality undergarments are fit for performance. Nude Barre, where great fashion meets solution. Nude Comes in All Shades. *Sustainability: Designed to be environmentally friendly. Most fabrics and yarn used to make Nude Barre undergarments are eco friendly or made with an eco friendly process.


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In all stages of my dance career, I have experienced the hardships of not finding hosiery that matched my skin tone. We were required to wear nude undergarments as part of our uniform and therefore spent hours dying/spray painting tights and shoes as most hosiery brands did not produce the appropriate shade of nude. This too was a common complaint of the wardrobe departments of many castings and productions that I have been a part of. Sadly, the dying method was a luxury not often afforded to projects due to budget constraints and the laborious process. As a result, many women, of all races, were left feeling uncomfortable and unprepared to perform. This was the origin of Nude Barre in 2009.

We look forward to paying it forward to the dance community. Calling all dancers! Enter a chance to win free admission to @atlatakeova this weekend. Email us to submit yourself to be eligible Send us a headshot and a short blurb about your dance goals.




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