3 Leg Workouts for Dazzling Legs

Get strong, sexy legs fast with these 3 leg workouts and tricks to tone your lower body and give you dazzling legs…

Work Your Lower Half In Every Move

Your lower body is the easiest and quickest place to build calorie-torching lean muscle. You have over 200 muscles below the belt, including the largest muscle in your body — your gluteus maximus. So get off your glutes and get your lower body going in everything you do. Stand on one leg for shoulder presses or squat during biceps curls. The more you work your lower half, the faster you’ll see results. Need more ideas? Try this total body routine.

Get to the (True) Core

You’ve probably heard tons about core training and how important it is, but did you know that it’s impossible to work your core without also engaging your legs? Skip standard crunches and speed up your results with core training. Try this routine to work your core and legs.

Start Left!

“Work your weaker side first — which is the left side for many of us,” says Michele Olson, PhD, creator of the Perfect Legs, Glutes & Abs” DVD. “When you are fresh, you use better form and tend to do more reps. If you always work your weaker (or left side) last, such as with lunges, you may be unconsciously keeping your stronger side stronger and not giving your weaker side the extra attention it deserves.”

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